Ed Driscoll

Businesses, Individuals Vote With Their Feet

Last December, I looked at Nissan’s decision to relocate their headquarters from Los Angeles to Nashville, and wrote:

Beyond Nissan–and the 79 other corporations that have decamped from L.A. alone since 2002, when a company as deeply associated with California as Fender Guitars relocates to neighboring Arizona, you know the state isn’t exactly business-friendly. (Just ask my wife, who frequently intercedes on behalf of business owners.) These problems have accumulated over the several decades of California’s exponentially growing hard left tilt, and can’t be blamed entirely on Governor Schwarzenegger, but what is Arnold doing to help reduce them? Hiring a former aide to Gray “Rolling Blackouts” Davis as his new chief of staff.

Will the last person out of California please turn out the lights?

In a post titled, “Voting With Your Feet“, Larry Kudlow writes that it’s not just businesses who are relocating out of high-tax states:

In case you didn