An Update From The Cartoon Kingdom

Heretofore this weekend, I haven’t covered the Great Cartoon Crisis of 2006, but here’s a whirlwind tour of the action. Charles Johnson spots French retailer Carrefour advertising the removal of Danish products from their shelves, all the while denying that they’re removing Danish products from their shelves. (Duplicitous French…grocers?)


Elsewhere, Michelle Malkin links to video of two staggeringly brave Protest Warrior-style counter-demonstrators flying the Danish flag in the midst of a babillian Muslims marching in Paris. (Note the “You–The Homosexuals!!!” epithet shouted by one fellow when he spots the two counter-protestors, which The Anchoress also spotted. As in the case of the Soviet Union, the western left are supporting an ideology that bans the very freedoms tolerated in Europe and America.)

Which is something that Michael Kinsey picks up on:


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