Ed Driscoll

"The Soviet Star And Crescent Moon"

Relapsed Catholic looks at Big League Fact Checking in the Great White North:

“This isn’t a correction, but it’s one heck of an error on the website of CTV, Canada’s number one broadcaster. It’s in a story about the reaction to newspaper cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed:

One of the cartoons depicts the Prophet wearing a bomb-shaped turban with a burning fuse.

In another, a Soviet star and cresent moon are superimposed over his face.



And Michelle Malkin notes some superb photo captioning over at Reuters:

Yahoo!/Reuters caption:

Lebanese Islamists tear a Swiss flag in front of the Danish consulate in Beirut February 5, 2006. Angry demonstrators set the Danish consulate in Beirut ablaze on Sunday and the violent turn in protests over publication of cartoons of Prophet Mohammad drew condemnation from European capitals and moderate Muslims. REUTERS/Adnan Hajj

Swiss. Danish. All the same to them.

For Thanksgiving of 2001, during the early days of InstaPundit, Glenn Reynolds wrote:

Any time you start to doubt yourself, and wonder if you’re fit for the big leagues of American thought and opinion, you can just read The Times and be thankful that the standards of the big leagues aren’t so high.

And the Great Cartoon Crisis of 2006 proves that it’s not just the Times that sets the middling standards of big media.

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