On Her Majesty's Really Secret Service

The New York Daily News spots Lee Tamahori, the director of the (awful) 2002 James Bond movie, Die Another Day, in full drag “when he was busted for prostitution by an undercover vice cop” on Santa Monica Blvd. in Los Angeles, “just blocks from where actor Eddie Murphy picked up a transvestite hooker in May 1997”.


Astonishingly, Tamahori is quoted by the Internet Movie Database as saying:

“Sex should not be in the movies and should be in the home, and violence should be in the movies and not in the home.”

Via Mickey Kaus, who writes that the L.A. Times, “The mighty local monopoly paper” as he sardonically puts it, gave the story “two sentences buried in a news roundup on page B4. Too interesting! People might talk about it”. In contrast:

The New York Daily News, operating on an East Coast deadline, managed to generate a whole page on the busted director. But then they had a genetic advantage–lack of the LAT’s twittish, slow, respectable, self-satisfied news-averse corporate DNA!

Heh, indeed.


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