Ed Driscoll

I'll Have What Pat Leahy's Smoking

Did Pat Leahy really say, on Face The Nation, “The Bush Administration knew the names of the hijackers before 9/11. They did nothing on it. I want to make sure they do it right”? Why, yes he did.


Back in 2004, Joel Mowbray asked, what if, in the summer of 2001, al Qaeda had been hit pre-emptively, before they had a chance to commit their atrocities on America on 9/11?

Mowbray concluded that sadly, the resulting outrage wouldn’t be that much different than what the Bush administration is experiencing over Iraq. (Or the furor the Gipper–who would have been 95 today, incidentally–received over how he handled the Cold War, come to think of it).

Update: More on Leahy, here.

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