One For The Thumb--And The Bus

While I’ve seen more exciting Super Bowls, Super Bowl XL became fun in the second half–and Jerome Bettis gets to end his long career with a win.

And it took them 26 years to get it, but Pittsburgh finally has its fifth ring–the one for the thumb.


Given all the hype concerning the fortieth anniversary of the Super Bowl, including numerous years’ MVPs being introduced prior to the game (nice Jets logo sewn into the lining of your suit, Broadway Joe!), it seems appropriate that this game seemed more a throwback to the Super Bowls of the 1970s–not quite a shootout, but not a complete blowout, either. Even the razzle-dazzle reverse/wide receiver option pass that the Steelers threw for a touchdown in the third quarter was reminiscent of Robert Newhouse’s fullback pass to Golden Richards when Dallas beat Denver in Super Bowl XII.

The ads didn’t seem as crazy as previous years, putting more of an emphasis on the game. The best ad has to be the Fed Ex ad with cavemen and dinosaurs, with the Busby Berkeley-style Burger King ad a close second. And possibly the Godzilla-meets-Ultraman Humvee-inspired Humvee ad as third.


Meanwhile, as VodkaPundit writes, AP reports tomorrow’s news today–reporting how empty the theaters were during the Super Bowl…before the game was played.

Way to go AP: Take two Laphams out of petty cash, boys!

Update: As Ed Morrissey explains, only one man is more excited for Pittsburgh’s win than Jerome Bettis.

And that man is the ultimate Steelers fan: Hugh Hewitt.



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