"Hollywood's Circle-Jerk Won't Last Forever"

bt: Hollywood’s Circle-Jerk Won’t Last Forever” href=”http://brain-terminal.com/posts/2006/02/05/hollywood-circle-jerk”>Evan Coyne Maloney explores Hollywood’s insular worldview:


Increasingly, Hollywood is making films that Hollywood wants to consume, not necessarily what the rest of America does. Hollywood needs to decide whether it wants to be a political party or whether it wants to entertain. They can continue to entertain themselves, but then they will continue to lose audience. There are simply too many other options vying for the attention of the people that Hollywood shuns.

Meanwhile, Dr. Helen discusses a similar myopia coming from Hollywood’s other industry, television.

Fortunately, as both bloggers note, there are an increasing number of alternatives available to those who wish to tune out both of these mediums.


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