Ed Driscoll

I'm Surprised It Doesn't Mention "The Decadent West"

Hugh Hewitt explores Reuters’ “Super Bowl as Class Struggle” story:

Perhaps the dumbest Super Bowl story of the week:

When the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks meet in Super Bowl XL on Sunday it will be a clash of American styles and cultures, blue collar verses white collar. Computer nerds verses steel workers.

Lining up at one end of Ford Field will be the Seahawks, the team with trendy teal uniforms [Trendy? They’re butt-ugly. Bring back the old Seahawks duds–Ed] from the rainy north west famous for gourmet coffee and home for billionaire computer geeks.

At the other end, the Steelers, the four-times Super Bowl champions with the black helmets and a gritty reputation forged from the local mills and coal mines.

Sadly, what Arnold Kling recently described as “Folk Marxism” will be with newspapers for many decades to come.

(Don’t tell Reuters that Seattle has a little folk Marxism of their own to offset their lack of industrial steel-forging street cred….)