Ed Driscoll

More Television Surrealism

Must be something in the air today: if George Galloway’s hijinks weren’t enough, Harry Belafonte violates 57 varieties of Godwin’s Law. Hugh Hewitt has the details; once again, The Political Teen has the video.

(Some background on Belafonte, here.)

Update: Betsy Newmark adds:

The mere fact that this guy can go on TV and spout this nonsense is proof that he’s wrong. Do you think that someone could have gone public with such criticism of Hitler and not have been arrested by the Gestapo? Not only isn’t he not arrested, but he wins an award from AARP and gets to be all over the TV. (Though, AARP has issued a press notice that they want to disassociate themselves with some of Belafonte’s more asinine statements. The funny thing is that before they gave him that award Belafonte had already made his offensive comments to call Colin Powell a house slave, but that, apparently, wasn’t enough to stop them from recognizing him with an award.)

For a look at how dissent in the Third Reich was treated, click here.

Another Update: David Warren is writing about the Canadian elections tonight, but the gist of this passage could apply equally well to CNN and the rest of America’s legacy media:

In short, the Internet has broken the stranglehold the Liberal Party had over sympathetic media, and created an information environment in which you had better be darned sure what you are saying is the strict truth, because there