Ed Driscoll

Strange Media Moments

Peaktalk writes that Canada’s liberal media is ready to eat Canada’s wobbling liberal government for lunch:

One of the key factors in this ongoing federal election campaign has been the extraordinary about-face of the Canadian mainstream media.

This week seemed to be the worst in the backlash. We have been treated to the extraordinary sight of the Toronto Star, the Liberal bastion for as long as I’ve been alive, treating Martin with pure venom. The CBC, the voice of the government, is not letting up either. They openly question Liberal claims in nearly all their stories, and we were treated this week to the vision of Peter Mansbridge (host of the National) absolutely grilling Martin on the military ad. And of course we have the Globe and Mail endorsing Harper – unthinkable even six months ago.

Meanwhile, in the US, like Elvis Costello, Pennsylvania’s state government wants to bite the hand that feeds them–and apparently wants to bite that hand so badly.