Ed Driscoll

Anderson Cooper 180

Sure, it’s easy pickin’s, but Tim Blair ably fisks Anderson Cooper–and Jonathan Klien–over CNN’s coverage of the West Virginia mining disaster with one hand tied behind his keyboard.

Meanwhile, the Boston Herald notes, “Mining report is a disaster story for AP“.

Update: Ed Morrissey writes:

The USA Today headline speaks volumes about the sad state of today’s American media in on-the-spot recording when it states, “Media forced to explain inaccurate reports on tragedy” — and we’re forced to ask, “Which tragedy?”

Ed also links to a post by Lorie Byrd of PoliPundit on why we won’t get any explanations about Katrina reporting.

Another Update: Hugh Hewitt also takes a swing at CNN, on a different topic:

Moments ago, a CNN newsreader referred to Jose Padilla’s “ordeal,” and to the “woes” of those detained at Gitmo. This is the language of implicit injustice, and whoever is writing copy for the talking head is an agenda journalist of the first order. I wonder if he, she, or they think Daniel Pearl underwent an ordeal and suffered woes, and if so, how to distinguish between his ordeal and woes and those of terrorists. Or does language fail CNN copy writers when it comes time to judge the justly imprisoned from the innocent?

Maybe Saddam’s still writing their copy.