Ed Driscoll

"Some Say" This Was The Most Annoying Phrase of 2005

The Anchoress (whom some say is a terrific blogger, and we concur; although we’re not sure why we’re using the royal we and addressing ourselves in the third person in this nested parenthetical) writes:

My personal choice: “some say…” Used continually by Katie Couric, David Gregory and oh, basically anyone in the press who wanted to advance their own personal opinion or the general concensus of the fourth estate: “Some say President Bush is trying to undermine our civil liberties,” “Some say Iraq is a quagmire,” “Some say America is a world-bully,” “Some say if only the Kyoto treaty had been recognised…”Just once, I would like to hear a politician come back with, “WHO says? WHO exactly SAYS, Katie, David, Tim, etc”

To which they’d probably reference anonymous sources. But then, some say they always do.