Ed Driscoll

Breakdown; Go Ahead And Give It To Me

Speaking of transformative media, Glenn Reynolds writes:

First the Katrina reporting fell apart. Then there was the whole wolf fiasco. Now there’s the misreporting of the trapped-miners story.

If bloggers had made these kinds of mistakes, Big-Media folks would be pointing them out as evidence that the blogosphere can’t be trusted. But where were all those editors, filters, and fact-checkers?

And those were just in the last four months (the latter stories that Glenn links to were just in the last couple of weeks). Makes you wonder how many other stories the media got wrong before there was a Blogosphere–no wonder so many in the MSM despise it.

Update: Regarding the mining disaster and media meltdown, Sissy Willis writes, “The rumor spread, the church bells rang, Anderson Cooper & Co. fanned the fires, and there you were with a community of potential mourners believing in miracles and set up for a horrific letdown.”

Another Update: Much more from Tim Blair.

One More: Great quote from Jeff Jarvis:

in our age of instant news and ubiquitous communication, the public sees this process as it occurs. It