Ed Driscoll

The "Top Five 2005 Stories The MSM Hated"

Steve Feinstein looks at bias by omission.

Via Betsy Newmark, who writes:

I was watching a discussion on C-Span last night of four veterans who had come back from serving in Iraq and they were unanimous in their condemnation of how the press has covered the situation there since the embedded reporters left in 2003. I’d like to see one of those countless symposia where journalists sit around thumb-sucking and talking about their awesome selves conducted in front of an audience of veterans from Iraq. Let them defend their coverage to the people that they’ve supposedly been covering.

It would probably go something like this.

Meanwhile, in a very much related article, Victor Davis Hanson writes:

Third, our affluent society is at a complete disconnect with hard physical work and appreciation of how tenuous life was for 2,500 years of civilization. Those in our media circus who deliver our truth can’t weld, fix a car, shoot a gun, or do much of anything other than run around looking for scoops about how incompetent things are done daily in Iraq under the most trying of circumstances. Somehow we have convinced ourselves that our technologies and wealth give us a pass on the old obstacles of time and space