Ed Driscoll

18 Months Into The Future

Back in May of 2004, in the midst of the bruising election year (and even before the Swift Vets blockade, RatherGate, NYTRoGate, etc.), I submitted a piece for Tech Central Station titled, “Welcome to the Post-Bias Media“, focusing on Bernard Goldberg’s landmark first book on media bias. In it, I wrote:

Another strange thing has started happening as well — in the past, media elites denounced any claims of a liberal bias in the news with a shrug and a who, us? Were not liberals. Were not leftwing. Were objective and neutral. No biases here! More and more, as well shortly see, the media are going on the record (Brock, Gore and Franken, notwithstanding) that it leans pretty heavily towards the left.

And even prior to that, I collected a list of journalists willing to on the record to admit their bias. And even the Columbia Journalism School noted, “U.S. media coverage of last year