Ed Driscoll

These Boots Are Made For Blogging

Power Line’s Paul Mirengoff writes:

The other key development is the blurring of the distinction between the blogger and the traditional political commentator. As John has pointed out, the Harriet Miers confirmation struggle was conducted largely on the internet, but the key players who brought about the demise of that nomination were not traditional bloggers. Rather they were print media types like David Frum and others associated with the National Review. Had they been confined to writing in the hard copy versions of the National Review or the Weekly Standard, they probably would not have been able to reach their audience frequently enough to have made a difference. But the internet left them unconstrained, and thus able to produce the steady drumbeat that helped sink Miers.

The MSM’s power is at its greatest when it has boots on the ground and bloggers don’t. Hurricane Katrina demonstrated this. When bloggers have boots on the ground, we tend to win. And bloggers are getting boots on more and more ground all the time.

You betchum, Red (State) Ryder!