Ed Driscoll

Joyous Way To End A Peevish Year

Jim Geraghty asks:

Isn’t it delightful to see some images from Iraq that aren’t death, destruction, and chaos? Isn’t it a long-needed breath of fresh air to see ordinary Iraqis smiling and giving “the finger” to those who would oppose their elections, instead of that ever-present mugshot of Zarqawi and the latest beheading tape? Isn’t it actually comforting to see our troops, our guys, starting to recede into the background of the story, and see the Iraqis managing their own government?

Boy, did we need that. Thank God.


Elsewhere, Jim finds a holes in the “Zarqawi captured, then released” story and asks, “The alleged capture and release allegedly occurred a year ago. Why are we hearing about this now? This news just happens to break on the best day for Iraq since January?”

(Maybe when Iowahawk is back, Zarkman himself will give us the skinny…)

Update: Speaking of the elections, Ed Morrissey asks, “Did the Times miss the story? Or are they just hoping that the rest of us did?”

Maybe elections in Iraq only gets MSM approval when the leading candidate receives 99.96 percent of the vote–and controls their output.

Update: Say, maybe the Times was saving an election round-up for their upcoming book