Ed Driscoll

Tookie Assumes Room Temperature

Stanley “Tookie” Williams was executed last night, expiring at 12:36 AM Pacific Time according to the TV news. Pajamas has a big round-up, with lots of links.

Update: Michelle Malkin has a detailed post with photos of the mayhem outside San Quentin. She writes:

An estimated 2,000 gathered outside, shouting and obstructing a FOX News analyst doing a live shot.

If she’s referring to what I watched around 12:20 last night on FNC, it’s just utterly bizarre to see two women wearing “SAVE TOOKIE!” T-shirts chatting on cell phones, shooting off flash bulbs from a digital camera and literally dancing and cavorting in the background, grinning and waving into the minicam that’s documenting a reporter talking on the air, as the rest of the crowd awaits word that a condemned man has been killed.

In a previous post, Michelle documented the Hollywood celebrities who lobbied for Tookie’s clemency.

Another Update: Grimly amusing unintentionally ironic headline from CNN: “Warden: Williams frustrated at end“.

I’ll bet he was.