Ed Driscoll

"Air marshal guns down man at Miami airport"

That was unbelievably loaded headline on this MSNBC story, as of 4:45 PM Pacific Time yesterday. It’s since been revised a couple of times, as more details of the incident at Miami International have come in. (It currently reads an only slightly less loaded “Marshals defend Miami airport shooting”, but as of now, you can still see the original headline in Google’s cache, before it scrolls into the ether.)

I love the astonishing presumption of guilt against the air marshal by the MSM, but as Glenn Reynolds writes, linking to this Pajamas Media round-up:

It’s tragic, but as the InstaWife was saying this morning, traveling with a bipolar who’s off his meds is like traveling with a diabetic who’s not taking insulin: unwise.

And given a bizarre story like this making the rounds (and presumably much more accurate details known only to those in law enforcement), I can’t fault air marshals for not taking chances.