Ed Driscoll

"Never Mistake Not Being At War For Peace"

Tammy Bruce has some thoughts on Pearl Harbor Day. Here’s an excerpt:

For all of you who have served and are serving now: we will never forget. My generation, we 40-somethings, know we live the extraordinary lives we do because of your courage and sacrifice. Do not worry–we will make sure your work, your success, and your legacy will continue. Thank you all for wearing the uniform. And to the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, at Pearl Harbor and throughout that horrific war and the wars that followed, thank you for your gift to this nation, and a free world.

And as a little aside–do you know what happened on December 7, 2001? The Taliban surrendered at Kandahar in Afghanistan. Yes, we will win wars, but unfortunately the world will always cough up another fascist enemy. And because of the example of those who came before, our boys defeated that beast called the Taliban on the same historic day. And as this war continues, we know we fight in the name of everyone who has died for this nation.

I had the privilege of touring the memorial for the Arizona (here’s a shot of me in front of its anchor) when I visited Hawaii in 2000. It’s a testament to something else Tammy writes in her post:

Of all the things we learned during World War II, from its beginnings in 1933 when Japan invaded China, it is to never mistake not being at war for peace.