Ed Driscoll

The William S. Burroughs Guide To Baby And Child Care

This morning, we linked to a story about a couple of who gave their infant a shot of vodka to calm her down–which, sadly, if not too surprisingly, did far more than that.

Here’s yet another example of what should be blindingly obvious not to give to a baby:

Mom charged with giving baby heroin

(UPI delivered by Newstex) — A young mother in New Mexico has been charged with giving her newborn son methadone and heroin in an effort to calm his withdrawal symptoms.

Angelica Mendoza was arrested at Carrie Tingley Hospital in Albuquerque, the Albuquerque Journal reported. She is being held in lieu of $200,000 bond.

Mendoza, who was on methadone maintenance during her pregnancy, gave birth more than two weeks ago. She reportedly admitted that on Tuesday, when her 16-day-old son showed signs of withdrawal, she tried to calm him by putting a small amount of methadone on his pacifier.

When her son remained irritable, she tried a mix of heroin and methadone.

The baby, who had to be resuscitated three times, was transferred to the University of New Mexico Hospital.

Hospital security officers said they found a backpack with drug paraphernalia and needles in the infant’s room at Carrie Tingley.