Ed Driscoll

Worldwide Pants

Betsy Newmark catches Moveon.org firing up their airbrushes:

That ad from Moveon.org that used a picture of British soldiers in it wearing shorts purporting to be American soldiers missing their families for the holidays has now been altered.

They have photoshopped in some long pants. Compare the picture as it was yesterday. And if you click on the video, you’ll see that they haven’t yet been able to change the film.

Apparently, they couldn’t tell what an American serviceman looks like, but thinks that they can photoshop their message and fool people. You be the judge of the sincerity of their concern for those servicemen.


Update: James Taranto writes:

We’re not even sure what the point of this deception could be. Perhaps MoveOn’s dishonesty is simply pathological.

Well, yeah.

Another Update: Michelle Malkin writes that the ad has been pantsed pulled.