Ed Driscoll

Remember When The Media Said That Bias Was A Myth?

Hugh Hewitt writes:

The best laugh of the day comes via a letter from 24 Democratic Congressman bemoaning the paper’s cancellation of Bob Scheer’s ravings. Dennis Kucinich posted it at the Huffington Post. Before you think, “Good for the Times for dumping the crazy,” ask yourself if there has ever been a columnist for the paper whose column –if cancelled– would elicit a protest from two dozen conservative members of Congress? There is of course no such columnist, and never has been. In fact, there isn’t a single high profile center-right writer identified with the Times in any capacity other than syndicated columnists. But the Times cheerfully indulged Scheer all these years, and then in a vain attempt to cover its quality control firing of the around-the-bend Scheer, tossed the only conservative on Spring Street, cartoonist Michael Ramirez, over board at the same time.

What a disaster the Tribune Company has on its hand: It knows it must win back center-right readers to survive, but it lacks the guts to try to do so boldly, and its Ramirez-move steps on its big anti-MoveOn.org gesture.

Glenn Reynolds has several additional links highlighting the L.A. Times’ obtuse nature.