Ed Driscoll

When Did Bialystock & Bloom Start Publishing People?

Pajamas Media writes that Teen People came this close to singing the chorus to “Springtime For Hitler”:

According to Media Orchard, a public relations blog, “Teen People came close to publishing a story on the white-supremacist singing duo Prussian Blue that did not mention the words ‘hate,’ ‘supremacist’ or ‘Nazi.’ The writer had agreed with the teen duo’s mother not to use these terms, but instead the more palatable “white pride.” Media Orchard then goes on to add, “And you thought my “Anderson Cooper Interviews Hermann Goering” post was an exaggeration? Blogging Baby is also relieved that Teen People has killed a forthcoming article about the 13 year-olds, who pen paeans to “Rudolf Hess, man of Peace” and wear t-shirts featuring a smiley-face Hitler. “It seems someone at the pub (Time Inc., Teen People