Ed Driscoll

Deja Vu Is Sort Of Like Surrealism, Right?

The Philadelphia Inquirer’sDaily Bling Blog” doesn’t seem to get that Jeff Goldstein isn’t actually attending the launch festivities:

Starting today there’s a new confederacy of bloggers.

Originally to be called Pajamas Media, appropriated from a swipe a CNN exec leveled at the riff raff who snipe from home in states of relative undress, it’s now Open Source Media, as in an invitation for citizen contributors. It’s planning a press conference and launch for later today. Headline-grabbing Judith Miller is to speak.

Protein Wisdom is liveblogging the press conference. A taste:

My cab pulled up outside the W a little before 9 PM New York time, and after checking in and dropping my suitcase on the bed, I immediately made my way to the hotel bar, where I found Tim Blair, Roger Simon, and Ed Driscoll bunched around a small table near the restrooms. Ed and Roger were nursing Gibsons, while Tim (who at 5