Ed Driscoll

The Woman Who Makes Kofi Annan Shudder In Fear

If you know anything at all about the Oil For Food Scandal that is at the heart of the United Nation’s corruption, you learned about it largely through the efforts of one woman: Claudia Rosett, whom I’m thrilled to see is an editorial board member of Pajamas Media (soon to be renamed).

As Roger L. Simon (who’s played a large role in building PJM’s all-star editorial board) writes:

I would imagine the name Claudia Rosett is almost a household word to readers of this Oil-for-Food obsessed blog. All I can say about her is that she is the living proof that the Pulitzer Prize is corrupt. So it goes without saying that we in Pajamas are proud to have her on our Editorial Board.

Indeed, to invoke the New Media’s favorite adverb.