Ed Driscoll

Binary Logic

Blogger “Submandave” looks at the many shades of gray and nuance that one of the reviewers of Michelle Malkin’s new book on Amazon.com demonstrates:

Michelle Malkin has a new book, Unhinged, that addresses the manic and irrational side seen far too often from Democrats these days. Brian Maloney noted a “preemptive strike” by an Amazon reviewer that reads, in part:

If you buy this book, you hate America- just like Michelle Malkin, who wants to destroy everything that’s great about this country.

A neat thing about Amazon reviews, though, is that it allows the user to see other reviews written by the individual in order to better appraise the value of the review. A quick look at the “Patriotic Professor’s” 15 Amazon reviews reveals an interesting pattern. For a person one might expect to exhibit nuance and understanding, her reviews demonstrate a total digital breakdown. Not only does the good Prof have just two speeds (1 for Hate, 5 for Love), with the exception of the single Jazz album reviewed the Love/Hate breakdown falls perfectly along party lines.

But wait, it gets better. Three of her reviews, for books by Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reiley and Sean Hanity are identical except for the tailored insult:

Simply put, if you agree with the sentiments expressed in this book, you hate America. Any person who agrees with [Bill O’Reilly’s | Ann “B**ch” Coulter’s | Sean “Pig-Head Idiot” Hannity] lies is unpatriotic and is an agent of Osama Bin Laden.

In essence, conservatives hate America. The only way to prove you don’t hate America is 1. to not buy this book; and 2. to vote Bush out of office in November.

So, if I got this right, a person claiming to be a professor (i.e. educated and supposedly not unintelligent) who devotes their time to doing cut-and-paste mudslinging on Amazon.com against conservative authors takes offense with Michelle’s characterization of the Left as “Unhinged” and proceeds to offer a live demonstration of her thesis. Michelle couldn’t have paid for better advertising.

It’s like flypaper!