Ed Driscoll

The Windsor Knot

Ed Morrissey writes:

What is it about frustrated members of the British royal family who, when unable to garner the throne for themselves, decide to campaign on behalf of genocidal nutcases? After being forced to abdicate the throne in order to marry Wallis Simpson, Edward Windsor flirted with the Nazis to such an extent that the British thought they might have to forcibly remove him from Spain. Churchill had to order him to the Bahamas to separate the Duke from German agents.

Now we have Prince Charles, the man who would be King if his mother would just let him, deciding that George Bush just doesn’t understand how wonderful Islam truly is — and wants to travel to the United States to deliver a lecture on the Religion of PeaceTM.

In the 1920s, the Duke of Windsor was one of the most influential dressers of all time (see above title), but as Ed notes, later became a dedicated follower of fascism, a trend that runs in the royal family beyond he and Charles. Prince Harry was spotted last year wearing a swastika armband to a fancy dress party, and as Mark Steyn wrote in response:

Personally, I found the sight of the Prince of Wales climbing into the full Highgrove hejab for dinner with that bin Laden brother a week after the 9/11 slaughter far more disquieting: it seemed a rather more conscious act of identification than his son’s party get-up.

And even after not just 9/11 but London’s own 7/7 bombing this year, little has changed in the worldview of the man who would eventually lead the Church of England.

Update: Related ironic Drudgery from Willisms. And Don Singleton rounds up additional Blogospheric reaction.

Another Update: Wow–hadn’t heard this one before, but it’s not at all surprising. Across The Atlantic writes:

[Ed] and others (me included), are deeply concerned about Charles and his blatant flirtation with Islam (Charles wants to do a lecture tour of the US about Islam).

What Ed and others haven