Ed Driscoll

Life Imitates The Manolo

In his Pajamas Media profile yesterday, the Manolo, (celebrating the first anniversary of his Super Fantastic blog!) he say the childhood of the Manolo was hardly the out of the ordinary experience:

From these earliest moments the Manolo he developed in the usual ways that the young boys develop, kicking the football with the other boys, playing the hooky from the school, making the tiny designer shoes out of the tinfoil for the household pets, the usual sorts of the things.

Which of course, prompted my wife and our friend Susan to attempt just that with Susan’s dog, Bea.

Bea was certainly a good sport about it–God knows what was going through her mind though, while humans attempted to mummify her front paws in Reynolds Wrap. (No, not that Reynolds. No blenders were involved in this project, much to Bea’s relief.)

Incidentally, it’s not at all surprising that Manolo was photographed wearing a fine pair of kicks himself. In a nice bit of synchronicity, I was wearing my brown suede monkstraps for my profile’s photo–although unlike the shoes of the Manolo–and the Bea–they were out of the camera range.

Update: Welcome Super Fantastic readers of the Manolo! Please look around; hopefully you’ll find other material that will be of the interest.