Ed Driscoll

Our Source Was The New York Enquirer

About 15 minutes into Citizen Kane, the “News On The March” mock-documentary suddenly ends, and we find ourselves in the dark, backlit, thick with cigarette smoke screening room of a large magazine, whose editor says of Kane:

Here’s a man who might have been President. He’s been loved and hated and talked about as much as any man in our time – but when he comes to die, he’s got something on his mind called “Rosebud.” What does that mean?

…Nothing is ever better than finding out what makes people tick. Go after the people that knew Kane well. That manager of his–the little guy, Bernstein, those two wives, all the people who knew him, had worked for him, who loved him, who hated his guts–[PAUSE]–I don’t mean go through the City Directory, of course.

But his garage couldn’t hurt, I guess, so let’s watch AP go in search of Rosebud inside Karl Rove’s.