Ed Driscoll

Hey, Is This Thing On?

Test, test, test. Check, check check. Check one, two! Check one, TWO!

Hey, I think we’re up and running again!

I had no idea, when I switched from Blogger to Movable Type last year, what a drag it would be on my old Webhost’s CGI resources. I wasn’t the only site on my server, and during the day, new posts would take an agonizingly long time to upload after I hit “Publish”. And frequently took a long time to load when a reader clicked on a hyperlink.

Eventually in mid-August, like a rubberband stretched too far, or even better metaphor that isn’t coming to mind right now, those CGI resources snapped, and my blog was out of commission for nearly a week. Eventually, Mel of Bona Fide Style did yeoman work getting it back online.

Ever since then, I began to look seriously at finding a new Webhost. Livingdot is one of a handful of hosts recommended by Movable Type, and I can see why. Their customer service has been absolutely exceptional. First class is a phrase that comes to mind, and I don’t use those words very often (to say the least) to describe anyone’s customer service. My only concern: they’re in Minnesota, the nexus of several big league bloggers, which means that a fair amount of the Blogosphere’s traffic routes through our 32nd state. But I think I can count on the Captain and the Lord of Jasperwood not to break the Internet.