Ed Driscoll

Putting Out An APB ON APDD

During the days of Jack Webb’s Dragnet, an APB was police code for an All Points Bulletin–and maybe it still is on some police forces. Fausta (found via Roger L. Simon) has a similar sounding set of initials for something we rarely need an APB to locate: Associated Press Deficit Disorder.

She writes that it’s been prominently sighted in Princeton:

Last year Dr. Krauthammer wrote about the Pressure Cooker Theory of Hydraulic Release, and he had previously diagnosed Bush Derangement Syndrome. In honor of Dr. K, I’m now proposing the theory of Associated Press Deficit Disorder, APDD (ae-pea-dee-dee, not to be confused with any of Sean Comb’s nicknames, P-Diddy, etc.):

the innatention of Associated Press and other news agencies to the actual words said by a person who doesn’t fit what AP wants to hear.

Example: Read Eric Qui