Ed Driscoll

That's Gotta Hurt

As Glenn Reynolds once wrote, “Bush’s ability to drive his opponents stark, raving bonkers is almost supernatural”.

One of the ways that the president drives the media insane is by simply ignoring them–the very worst thing you can do to a preening ego amplified by megawatts of network superhype. As Congressman Peter King (R-NY) told Chris Matthews yesterday:

Chris, you won’t give me a chance to answer the questions. Just because the president doesn’t watch you on television, it doesn’t mean he’s not doing his job. You know, Franklin Roosevelt wasn’t hired to listen to radio accounts of D-Day. You’re hired to do the job, and the president can do his job without having to listen to Chris Matthews or Andrea Mitchell or Tim Russert, or any of the others.

Duane Patterson writes:

Thud. Matthews hits the canvas hard after the knockout blow by King. The ref waives off the fight. The doc is in the ring hovering over Matthews. The smelling salts come out. Matthews spent the rest of the segment in a stupor, trying to regain composure, repeating Halliburton over and over again with his speech still a little slurred.

Congressman King, very nice line. Probably the line of the week. You have made Lt. Gen. Honore’ proud.

Chris Matthews, you should know what is coming next. You are stuck on stupid!