Ed Driscoll

Currently Up At PJM HQ

I’m sure from the outside, Pajamas Media seems like The Vast Blogospheric Conspiracy, a sort of online Stonecutters Society that wears PJs instead of monks’ robes at its secret meetings. The reality is something far less centrally planned and conspirative, as I literally had never heard of this fellow until his profile was online there.

…But based on his excellent milblog, it certainly won’t be the last time.

As I said at the end of my profile:

Hopefully, the [Pajamas Media] portal will be a way for new writers to emerge. That’s always thrilling for me — discovering new writers who, before the blogosphere, I didn’t even know existed.

Looks like it’s already working just that way–even before the final version (complete with what will probably be, sadly, a less whimsical name) goes online!