Ed Driscoll

The Rump Memorial In Shanksville

There was a spontaneous memorial erected in Shanksville, PA to remember Flight #93 by everyday folks who wanted to remember the heroic actions of that flight’s passengers, especially Todd Beamer, whose “Let’s Roll” quickly became the post-9/11 rallying cry for America. That memorial has gotten surprisingly little exposure (maybe it isn’t all that surprising, given the mainstream media’s voracious memory hole), but Jonathan Last of The Weekly Standard had photos of it on his Galley Slaves Weblog back in December. I have no idea if it’s still standing, but in retrospect, it’s certainly far more appropriate than what’s currently being proposed as the permanent memorial, as Mark Steyn explains:

Four years on, plans for the Flight 93 National Memorial have now been revealed. The winning design, chosen from 1,011 entries, will be built in that pasture in Pennsylvania where those heroes died. The memorial is called