NFL Commissioner: Saints Unlikely To Play In New Orleans

From AP, this news isn’t very surprising:

NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue says it’s unlikely the Saints will play in New Orleans this season after the devastation Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath inflicted on the city.

“At this point you have to proceed on the assumption … that they may be unable to play in New Orleans at all for the entire season,” Tagliabue said Thursday in an interview with CNBC.

“If things evolve in a positive way, then that would be something that we could adjust to. But our assumption is that for planning purposes, we should assume it will be difficult if not impossible to play in New Orleans at all this year.”

The Saints will move into a hotel in San Antonio, Texas, this weekend and practice in San Antonio in preparation for their regular-season opener at Carolina Sept. 11. They have spent this week in San Jose, Calif., and played their final exhibition Thursday night in Oakland.

But it still hasn’t been decided where they will play their regular-season opener Sept. 18 against the New York Giants or play the rest of their games.


Tagliabue says that one possibility is the Alamodome in San Antonio, which seats 65,000. He also noted that the NFL would be donating one million dollars to the hurricane recovery effort.


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