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Fire Make Sea Gods Angry--Revisited

Top Scientists Warn: Fire Make Sea Gods Angry!” was the title of a satiric post by Iowahawk written shortly after the global warming ghouls came out to Monday morning quarterback the causes of the horrific Christmas tsunami last year. And James Taranto notes today that they’re at it again with Katrina.


As Duane Patterson, Hugh Hewitt’s Generalissimo wrote last December:

You’ll forgive me if I and the family and friends of the victims of this disaster don’t want to subscribe to agenda-driven eco-political junk science right now. If the Earth’s temperature were one degree cooler at the poles, and the ice caps were a foot thicker, this earthquake would still have happened. The tsunami would still have been just as deadly.

These people need prayer, aid, and comfort right now. They don’t need to hear about fluorocarbons and CO2 levels could possibly, maybe, if the trends continue, make the effects of something this catastrophic even worse.

I’m beginning to think these eco-freaks are not even human anymore. They’re robotic. It doesn’t matter who lives or who dies. Whatever happens in the world, they must spin it into a way that suits their agenda, which is Earth-worship.

Reuters, shame on you…Again.

This time it’s the Boston Globe and the Huffington Post, but we certainly concur with the rest of Duane’s sentiments.

Update: In a post titled, “The Reactionary Party”, David Cohen writes:

The cold winter and spring of 2005-2005 was obviously problematic for global warming enthusiasts. The answer the crafted was that global warming causes cooling, too. So, if it’s hot: global warming. If it’s cold: global warming. The left has truly become the reactionary party: any change is bad. Of course, static weather over the long-term could only result from human interference in the environment, but that would be good interference.

I have to admit, though, that my weather-cynicism, finely honed by years of the local news spending days covering blizzards that never happen, let me down this time. New Orleans and Mississippi seem to have suffered a tragedy as bad as the worst projections of the tv weather ghouls. This Wiki page, found via Michelle Malkin, offers links to aid agencies and fundraising events.


Don Singleton has some related thoughts and links.

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