Ed Driscoll

The Schizophrenic New York Times

Glenn Reynolds notes that between its news and editorial sections, the Times can’t come to a conclusion on the health of the American economy. (The news section reports that it is; naturally, the Times’ editorial section disagrees.)


Meanwhile, the Times still can’t decide whether or not it wants to admit that it’s biased, and is retreating to its Howell Raines-ish ways, despite former ombudsman Daniel Okrent’s efforts to drag the paper up off its feet. As we observed last year, in an Insta-Power-Line-lanched post:

Howell Raines, February 20, 2003:

“Our greatest accomplishment as a profession is the development since World War II of a news reporting craft that is truly non-partisan, and non-ideological, and that strives to be independent of undue commercial or governmental influence….But we don

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