When Hollywood Royalty Wasn't An Oxymoron

In a post about Alfred Hitchcock’s great Rear Window a few years ago, James Lileks wrote:

Jimmy Stewart does a nice job playing the stupidest man in the world, i.e., a man who does not want to marry Grace Kelly and spend his 40s photographing New York and beautiful models.


In an obituary that first ran in The Atlantic a couple of months ago, Mark Steyn looks at the man who did marry her, Prince Rainier of Monaco, who would live for two more decades after Princess Grace’s tragic death in a 1982 car crash:

the men who fancied breaking the bank at Monte Carlo had moved down the coast to Cannes and elsewhere and the bank itself was near broke. The Societe des Bains de Mer, which ran the casino and hotels, reported huge losses that year. Next, the Soci


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