Let It Be Finally Coming To DVD?

Amongst other things I scan there, every once in a while, I do a search of Google News to see if there’s any word on a release date for The Beatles’ Let It Be on DVD.


Apparently, it’s finally coming out in September:

Beatles “Let It Be” Film Coming To DVD

July 15, 2005 2:59 p.m. EST
Douglas Maher – All Headline News Staff Reporter

Denver, CO (AHN) – The Toronto Sun reports today that the long-awaited release of The Beatles swan song “Let It Be” film is on its way to DVD.

According to an interview with Bob Smeaton, who directed the “Beatles Anthology”, the DVD will be in 5.1 sound along with tons of lost and bonus features.

No word on whether or not the legendary “roof top” performance above Apple Studios will be on the set. Fans have petitioned for decades to have the entire performance released in its original form. The original Naga recordings will be on the DVD version of “Let It Be”, which itself has not been on home video for over two decades.

The Naga recordings were only discovered during a 2003 police raid of a bootlegers home in the Netherlands. They had been missing since the early 1970s. The DVD is due in September.

More here:

The Beatles Let It Be Heads to DVD

by Paul Cashmere
20 July 2005

The Beatles documentary Let It Be is finally going to be released on DVD.

Apple Records, the company started by The Beatles to produce their music, will release the Let It Be DVD in September.

The disc will also include bonus footage not seen in the movie.

The Let It Be documentary was meant to track the recording of The Beatles in the studio but instead captured the disintegration of the band.

However, the footage is legendary.

The now classic Beatles rooftop appearance was part of the movie. The scene was recently recreated by U2 and was also sent up in the Simpson’s Barbershop episode.

Let It Be was produced by Neil Aspinall and directed by Michael Lindsey-Hogg.

It features songs such as Don’t Let Me Down, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, Two Of Us, I’ve Got A Feeling, Oh Darling, One After 909, Across The Universe, Dig A Pony, I Me Mine, For You Blue, Besame Mucho, Dig It, Get Back and Let It Be.


Needless to say, I’m excited by these announcements–my 25 year old VHS copy of Let It Be is looking worse for wear these days. I just hope these aren’t false alarms; we’ve been down that (long and winding) road before.

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