"Thanks For The Help, Fellas"

Steve Green finds solid reporting in a in a New York Times piece on the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, the innocent man shot by the London police (after acting very, very suspiciously). But it’s sandwiched between paragraph after paragraph of liberal boilerplate. Steve concludes:


There’s a larger point here, and it’s this: the press takes stories like this one, and reports them like this, and then wonders why we don’t think they’re on board with this war. They wonder why we’re watching Fox News. Say what you will about Fox’s many faults, but at least FNC acts like an American company during wartime. Meanwhile, the NYT is doing its damnedest to paint Tony Blair’s Britain as a fascist police state.

Thanks for the help, fellas.

Ironically, the vision of Blair’s England that Peter Hitchens sketches in The Abolition of Britain and by Theodore Dalrymple in Our Culture, What’s Left Of It is much, much closer to the far left, transnational America that the Times–or at least Pinch Sulzberger–is trying to empower. But ironically, despite Blair’s solid Labor/leftist/liberal credentials, apparently, anybody’s who was against Saddam Hussein is suspect in the Times’ book.

…Except of course, for the Times, themselves.


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