Speaking of Spy Versus Spy

Speaking of Col. Flagg (“He’s a CPA!” “You mean C-I-A, Radar!”), Glenn Reynolds links to this Mark Steyn piece:

But in the real world there’s only one scandal in this whole wretched business — that the CIA, as part of its institutional obstruction of the administration, set up a pathetic ‘fact-finding mission’ that would be considered a joke by any serious intelligence agency and compounded it by sending, at the behest of his wife, a shrill politically motivated poseur who, for the sake of 15 minutes’ celebrity on the cable gabfest circuit, misled the nation about what he found. . . . What we have here is, in effect, the old standby plot of lame Hollywood conspiracy thrillers: rogue elements within the CIA attempting to destabilize the elected government.


Glenn adds:

Steyn’s comments, I think, point to the next stage of this affair: When all is said and done, I think the CIA will turn out to be the big loser here, because there’s just no way to parse these facts that makes the Agency look good — just varying shades of incompetent, or politically motivated and dishonest.

Now that would be some fun muckraking to observe–if it’s a battle that goes public.


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