Ed Driscoll

More Law & Order Shark Jumping

Regarding TV’s Law & Order, a couple of week ago, I wrote:

I really loved Law & Order in its early days–but the combination of Rudolph Giuliani’s election to mayor of New York in 1993, along with the Republican control of the House and Senate the next year has caused the show to tilt increasingly to the left. President Bush’s reelection in November hasn’t helped matters. Law & Order was once a groundbreaking–and at times great–TV series. But even before it sprouted, as Jonah wrote, “more franchises than Pottery Barn”, it had cleared the take-off ramp and was airborne over a cartilaginous fish dangerous to man.

Its Law & Order: Criminal Intent spin-off is quickly headed in that direction as well.

Way to boost those red state ratings, boys!

Update: In regards to that last sentence, Neal Boortz looks to add a little balance to Law & Order scripts.