Ed Driscoll

Cuba Libre!

Yesterday, we linked to a Jay Nordlinger piece on the Assembly to Promote Civil Society in Cuba. Today, The Corner notes that someone whose address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue also has some thoughts:


I send greetings to those celebrating the 103rd anniversary of Cuban Independence.

Freedom is the birthright of all mankind. Leaders across the Americas understand that the hope for peace in our world depends on the unity of free nations. America’s continued support of democratic institutions, constitutional processes, and basic liberties gives hope and strength to those struggling in our hemisphere to reclaim the rule of law and their God-given rights. As we observe Cuba’s independence today, we look forward to the day when Cuba is free, and my Administration supports efforts to hasten that day’s coming. The tide of freedom is spreading across the globe, and it will reach Cuban shores. No tyrant can stand forever against the power of liberty because the hope of freedom is found in every heart.

This milestone is an opportunity to celebrate the Cuban culture and the many contributions Cuban Americans have made to the United States. By sharing your proud history with all Americans, you enrich our society and contribute to the diversity that makes our Nation great.

May God bless the Cuban people.


No word yet from Charlie Rangel