Ed Driscoll

In Other Media And Religion News...

Newsweek and the Koran isn’t the only item this week involving big media and religion. Jonah Goldberg has a look at last week’s Law & Order episode, which I also watched as well, gritting my teeth through big portions of it:

The episode tells the story of a racist who committed murder nine years ago but who, in shame and remorse, subsequently found Jesus and was born again. In the nine years since he dedicated himself to Christ, he has led an exemplary life. But his guilt is discovered, and he decides to confess and show true contrition.

Based on comments in his writing over the years, like myself, I don’t think Jonah would qualify as an overly religious person. And last time I checked, he’s neither born again, nor Christian. But Jonah’s thoughts were remarkably in tune with mine about that episode. As he writes: