Ed Driscoll

George Meets The Blogosphere

Remember George magazine? The celebrities meet politics magazine that made a huge splash, lasted a couple of years, and then quietly died? Jim Geraghty says that Arianna Huffington’s new “celebrity collective blogging” venture “has ‘Tina Brown’s Talk magazine’ or ‘John F. Kennedy Jr.’s George magazine’ written all over it–and he’s preparing to “savor the impending schadenfreude”:

Let me offer a theory on why blogs took off: Many of the best were written by folks who were either A) professional writers who wanted to write in a non-article or column form (Mickey Kaus, Andrew Sullivan, the Corner gang) B) lawyers/law professors who are used to persuading the public (the Powerline guys, Glenn Reynolds, Volokh, Hugh Hewitt) or C) interesting people who happen to be insightful/funny/great writers (Steven Den Beste, Stephen Green, Amy Welborn).

You notice few of those folks are celebrities in their own right