Ed Driscoll

Is The Pope Catholic...?

I know Power Line used that headline yesterday (welcome to their readers, incidentally!), but it makes a great point.

I’m stuck in the American Airlines Admirals’ Club in San Jose, which has CNN on the bar’s TV set, and I can’t help but laugh at how many times the CNN correspondents manage to work the word “conservative” into their coverage of Pope Benedict. The British women who report for CNNi really manage to put a nice evil sneer on the word with their accents.

To them, it’s a pejorative. But I’m wondering how many people in America’s red states hear the word and think, “Hey, the Pope’s conservative…what’s the problem?”

Of course, religious coverage from a network who’s founder once referred to his employees coming back from Ash Wednesday as “a bunch of Jesus Freaks” as he wondered what “the dirt” on their foreheads already seems a bit suspect.

Hugh Hewitt has some similiar thoughts on the same sort of coverage the new Pope is receiving from newspapers.