Ed Driscoll

Be Berrrry, Berrrry Qwiet...

There’s a Nick Coleman spotting at Jay Rosen’s PressThink Blog. Here’s the letter that Rosen received from Coleman:

Gosh. Do you THINK the press is being de-certified? Which side are you on? I thought that was your game plan. You ripped me last fall without even speaking to me because I had the poor judgment (or maybe the balls) to confront right wing wingnut bloggers who have my newspaper (and most others) in the crosshairs of a constant all-out partisan attack. And they are winning, prof. The Star-Tribune now has hired a by-god certifiable right wing activist and power megaphone. Funny, I haven’t seen you make any mention of that yet. Nor do I remember you defending me in December when I criticized the dudes at Powerline, who I called extremists while most of the academic press fakers of the world were bending over to kiss their jodhpurs. By the way, in case you haven’t paid attention, many other journalists have since come to the same conclusion. I could cite chapte and verse, but why bother.

Some enterprising soul has got to start cranking out “Kiss My Jodhpurs!” T-shirts on Cafe Press.

Incidentally–what is it with blogging critics and clothes references, anyhow?

(Via Coleman’s Bete Noir, Power Line.)