Ed Driscoll

Talk About a Non-Controversial Cover

Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter’s attempt to create some sort of controversy over the choice of lens used by Time’s photographer to shoot Ann for the Time cover this week seems awfully silly to me:

Why can’t they just photograph conservatives straight?!” blasted this week’s TIME magazine covergirl Ann Coulter.

The bestselling author and controversialist slammed magazine editors for fronting a photo of her, she claims, which is so distorted “my own mother would not even recognize me!”

The photographer, Platon, appears to have used a wide “Fisheye” lense for the cover snap, stretching Coulter’s legs and feet — while shrinking the rest of her body.

TIME editors selected Platon with a note of irony — he is the same photographer who captured Coulter-nemisis President Clinton in the infamous “Lewinsky” power pose for ESQUIRE.


Heck, I’m surprised she wasn’t more upset over the choice of Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona chair from 1929, considering the socialist ties of Germany’s Bauhaus.

I’m all for pointing out errors and lies and bias coming from the mainstream media, but this seems like trying to hype a pretty minor issue to me.

(On the other hand, this choice of photo for the article seems more than worthy of discussion.)

Update: PPK Blog disagrees with my take. Elsewhere, Michelle Malkin compares how conservatives and liberals are typically featured on Time covers, and notes that the magazine has updated the online caption under their photo of the Protest Warriors at the 2004 GOP convention.