Ed Driscoll

Trackback Pings: Enjoy Them While They Last

As Ed Morrissey writes, enjoy trackbacks while they last, because it sounds like spammers’ abuse of the trackbacks are killing them for everyone. As I wrote in a comment on Ed’s site:

A few months ago, I watched my site get hit with (literally) several hundred spammed trackbacks one night from some sort of Texas Hold’em Poker site. In response, I emailed Stacy Tabb, and she installed MT-Blacklist, and the ability to close trackbacks after a set period of time. The two seem to do a pretty good job of reducing the amount of spam-trackbacks I get, while still allowing legit blogs to trackback to recent posts.

I’ve found several worthy, if lesser-known blogs via trackbacks, and I’ll click on a trackback ping if the headline or blog name sounds interesting. But I’m verry sorry to see spam artists help to slowly kill a pretty unique feature of the Blogosphere.

Power Line, Time magazine’s debut “Blog of the Year”, discontinued their trackbacks for that very reason.